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Ok, better quality version here...
Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Omg I'm soo excited! But I won't be here to play it for 3 days. Damn. I see that a better version is up.

I totally gasped when I read this and I squeed through the whole thing. ^^ Yay!
It took a little bit of getting used to, but I really like Sanctuary :D

However, I won't be playing the game at all :p
Oh that's horrible...why not?

Yeah sounds like I need to get used to Sanctuary. I can't make out half of what she is saying.
I don't have a PS2, and I won't be buying one anytime soon (my video game budget is gonna already be hurtin' this year with the release of the Revolution and two freakin' Zelda games :D). Also, I typically do not like RPGs, so no matter how many Disney characters they cram into the game I probably wouldn't like it. I will buy the soundtrack though. Utada and a bunch o' Disney tunes=yes :)

You can find the lyrics here...
Can someone upload it just the song for me please
I can't upload it, but if you give me an email or AIM name I can try to send it to you.