xmad_alicex (xmad_alicex) wrote in hikki_shrine,

About ordering the new Utada Hikaru cd that was jut released, I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me.

I want to get the Taiwan version of the cd, primarily because its a LOT cheaper. But, I don't want to if there's anything different about the cd itself.

Will the cd, and the booklet look exactly the same? (inside and out) or, does ordering a different version mean that there are differences in the way the cd is presented?

I've heard that the cd is different.
I've also heard that its not, and the only thing abotu getting a Taiwan version, is theres a little booklet thingy inside with the Mandarin translation of the lyrics.

Any help?
Would anybody know which it is?

It would be appreciated thank you ^_____^
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