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I still remember the ways that you touched me...

... Now I know I dont mean anything to you

The Utada Hikaru Shrine
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Welcome to the Hikki Shrine!!

This community is a place for all of Utada Hikaru's fans to share their love of her and her past and present work. You can also post pictures, icons, and fic of the goddess Hikki. Feel free to submit lyrics or your interpretation of them. Whether a fan of her Japan career or her rapidly growing US career this is a place for you.

I will also try to update constantly with news about Hikki.

Simple rules are: Be nice no bashing other fans... thats it. If you have any problems feel free to contact me.

Maintained by:nerdlover... co-conspirator and fellow worshipper is jirashi... wonderful Ms. Dreja (dark_uyoko) Made the layout promotion banner and icon!

<3 Hikki
Utada Hikaru is love

New Members

Now this isnt required but it would be nice if this could be your first post it'll help us to get to know each other better. Answer only what you feel comfortable answering.

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Now to help get this little community of the ground Id like it if people would please put this in your info...

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